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Siren Head - The Horror Experience is a survival horror game depicted within the Siren Head creepypasta universe.

Some teenagers have gone camping in the woods far out of town after hearing an old folks tale about a monster lurking within the woods.

The monster surrounds its habitat with horrifying and distorted siren noises.

One of the parents have reported them missing, since they did not return home.  You have to go investigate to find them, But you did not expect to encounter sunch horrors.

Can you do it? Its just a story... right?

You must retreive these kids... Or whatever is left...

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Want to make a Siren Head Game? Purchase the 3D model created for this game here: https://thomas09.itch.io/sirenheadmodel

Minimum PC requirements:
AMD FX 6300 or equivalent.
4gb Ram.
Nvidia gtx960 or equivalent.
Windows 7/10, MAC or LINUX.



Concept of creature created by Trevor Henderson, I do not own the right to this creature design.


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Siren Head - The Horror Experience - 1.2.1.zip 542 MB
Siren Head - MAC.app - 1.2.1.zip 577 MB
Siren Head LINUX - 1.2.1.zip 621 MB

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Just got my hands on this and did a play through, had a few kinks that I think if worked out could be a good game. Siren head could be a bit more intimidating, but the protagonist is a little slow so I can understand why Siren head needs to be so far away. Got spooked at the end though.

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Hey thomas! I've finished playing your game, and to be honest, I really liked it! The animation on the monster was great, the map was dark and vast enough that I'd get turned around easily, adding to the fear factor tremendously!I really liked that you added the sprint feature for the monster, forcing the player to stay out of sight or die! All in all, a great scary game! 


Really fun gamePlay! Thank you buddy! <3


i came from domplay


Hey man! loved your game, I made a video on it if you would like to check it out and tell me what you think? loved the game :)

Really fun video my guy! it seems i scared you throughout the game. Keep your eyes peeled. Another project is in the works. ;)




One of my favorite siren head games on itch. Great job.


Hey, I'm back! This time I was able to play it on the highest settings and it worked great. It's a cool, creepy game for sure. Great job, man! It's cool to see devs that care about their games as much as you do.


Hey it worked! Nice and thanks for playing again! In the final chase turning off your flashlight doesn't stop him any anymore. He wants you. So you have to hold shift to sprint to get away back to your car.

There is a new project in the works. A demo should be out in a couple weeks. I don't know how itch handles it, if you follow me and I release a new project, do you get notified? Thanks for playing again! You were so close!

Ah, ok. I knew a chase was coming but i was not prepared haha. Yeah i get notified when you post new stuff or even update existing games. I'll definitely check out your new stuff. I'm excited to see what you do!


I will forever hate you for creating this game. And love you equally for it! Great game! Great atmosphere and great AI (Did I use that correctly?). There were some glitches as you can see in the video, (e.g. me walking to the top of a tree) but besides that, great game!


Will there be more updates?

Only bug fixes if any arise, Working on a new project :)


Hey I played this game on my channel! I screamed ALOT LOL! Go check it out! Thank you!

Think you have the wrong game my friend


Amazing atmosphere and Sire Head model! Really creeped me out a lot throughout the whole thing! 


This game was fun to play 


Thank you for playing! but my god! your recording software makes the game Extremely dark aha

Yeah it does make it dark, sorry about that.


The ever looming siren head was a nice touch when I realized he's never far behind. Always creeping along somewhere.

Hope you enjoy my video :D

Do you have any feedback for improvements? Im always trying to enchance the experience! :)


hmm the only thing I could recommend on that at this point is fixing up climax where you rush back to your car. Since I managed to break the event by staying inside haha. I found myself holing up inside the few buildings because I knew mechanically the monster wouldn't be able to get inside. Perhaps throwing in a punishment for people who wait around by having siren head get a little more aggressive to scare the player into action. just make sure to keep the game fair. The player should still feel like they can win!

Will it run with an i3 (7g) and 8gb ram?

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Shout out to Thomas09 for creating a good horror game. Tips, reviews and commentary in the vid.

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Thank you very much for playing my game! It was really enjoyable. I don't know what system you have, but that fps 100% affecting the game play. If you look at other people's reviews on here, they are not slow-mo. Do you know your Mac specs? Thank you! :), Also in the new 1.2.0 patch, the phones are much easier to pick up, and are slightly quieter :)


low key thiss was crazy dating this man was an experience lol.  

I think you're on the wrong game my friend, But funny video! :P only blood and gore here.


srry i will be playing that game soon tho thx tho :>

Just about to post an update very soon too!

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Siren Head Is evolving guys he's on all fours now. Great little game. Underrated.

I played through this In my Siren vid. Timestamp: 04:23 - 06:11 Youtube: MrMBenting be sure to subscribe If you enjoy.

Amazing gameplay! Thank you very much!

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This has to be one of the scariest games I've played so far on itch.io. I had so many goosebumps. Hope you enjoy the gameplay and commentary.


That video was amazing! Thanks so much for your kind words and awesome gameplay! If you have any suggestions for improvements / additions please let me know! Much love


During the play through, I encountered 2 Siren heads, I don't know if that was planned but it scared the sh*t outta me. And just a few floating rocks. Other than those 2 things, I loved playing it.


yea, was planned, the door was meant to close when you're getting the phone, then you're meeant to open it and hes there to jumpscare you, then disapears. but the way you did it seems to work aswell aha


oh one thing im needing feedback on: Did you think the game was Too dark? or the right amount of darkness?


I feel you could make it a little bit brighter for people who record it. Make it easier for the audience. Don't turn it up a lot though.

I've got a lot of respect for this developer. I ran into some issues while playing and kinda bashed their game in my vid, and they were nice as hell to me and even tried to optimize it to work better on my crap machine. i will be back to do a proper review soon with a new PC running on the highest settings. Much respect, dev. 


thanks my guy! its always a good thing, if people have issues i can try to rectify them once i know about them! This wasnt developed on a "bad" system so im not too sure how well older systems would perform! thank you for the feedback! :) 

(once you return, the game might be even better! ;) )


Hey Thomas,

Just downloaded this game and played for an hour or so but seemed to may have ran into a possible bug or gameplay fault?

For some reason, the SirenHead (who I can see follow me) just follows me around the map while I pick up phones and stops still when I do, he only ever crawls after me if the torch is on and just stops dead when it's off. I'm not sure if this is meant to happen but for me personally it destroys the aspect of a horror if I can see him follow me and stop.

Hey dude! How would you like the behaviour of the enemy to be? When you turn your flashlight off, it was intended that he stops so you can get away before turning it on again

Thank you for the feedback

More jumpscare maybe? i.e you can't see him at all or if you do spot him he runs away?


I don't know if my PC messed up, or if that's how it's supposed to be, but damn that walk/sprint speed is slow! I snailed around for 30min and only found 1 person.

Hello my friend! The game is not supposed to be like that! Unfortunately most game mechanics are based on system time, and this is affected by your fps. So if your system is fairly poor, everything feels like it's in slow motion, like most other games. Sorry you could not enjoy the game to it's fullest. But I hope you could try it again once you get a better system. Thank you. 

Also. What is the specs of your system? Thank you


I'd have to look up the specs but my PC definitely isn't that good. I've never seen slow motion like that though and i play a ton of games. Its weird that the walk speed slows down like that but the lights and other things aren't affected. Never seen just walk and sprint be slow with everything else working fine. 

It is my first 3D project, so i might of done something wrong too. Ill see what i can do :)

Hopefully people who have also played the game can reply to this on how they experienced the movement


I think it might have something to do with the lower settings in the options menu. I turned them down because my PC can't run a lot of games at the best settings. If i played on 1080, i would get super slow mo with the blur that happens every time you look around. This setting didn't have that blur though and things seemed to run pretty smoothly without any blur, so i think something in the lower settings might make the walk speed seem very slow.

Yes sir, same here. But it doesn't even feel laggy for me. The game play is just slow.

Ryzen 7 2600 (Clocked @ 3.4 Hz)

GTX 1080


Windows 10

3 TB Hard Drive

By the way, very nice project you have here! Just keep grinding and you'll get up there. I promise.