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HTML5 Doesnt Like scaling properly. However the scaleing is Not an issue for the mobile version!

Box avalanche is a Never ending avalanche game where you have to avoid the falling boxes and collect coins to get a new high score!

There are 3 power ups:
Egg Time: Slows down time for 5 seconds.
Size Power Up: Shrink yourself down to less than half your size for 5 seconds!
Box Bomb: collectable and can be used at any time. Destroys all boxes on the screen at point of use.

Try to beat your best high score each time you play!
and try to battle your friends for the highest score!

Hope you enjoy!

[A]- Move left
[D]- Move Right

Mouse - Click buttons.

Also available on the Google Play Store!


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Fun Game! It would be cool to see some more power ups added!

Thanks man! Ill be sure to add some more stuff to it! Be sure to check out my other projects if they take your fancy! :)